Character Creation

The characters in this game begin at level 4 and can be based on the following options:

Option 1 – Basic standard character: The character has a basic race such as human or elf with no level adjustment. The character has four levels of a single class. For example: the Rodion the Boros Swiftblade is a level 4 Human Swashbuckler.

Option 2 – Gestalt character: Based on the rules on page 72 of Unearthed Arcana, the character takes two classes in parallel, using the highest bonuses from each (note that this may include Monster Classes from Savage Species). A character using this option counts as one level higher, and therefore starts at level 3. For example: Vasya the Centaur Healer could be level 3 Centaur and level 3 Cleric in parallel.

Option 3 – Character with a level adjusting race:
There are a number of races with level adjustments common in Ravnica (Cyclopes, Dragons, Loxodons, Shapeshifters and Viashino). For example: Tikhon the fortress cyclops might thus be a level 2 cyclops (+2 level adjust) fighter.

Option 4 – Character with a template:
Similar to option 3, for example, Kirrin the beetleform mage as a level 2 human wizard with the insectile template (+2 level adjust).

Option 5 – Combinations of 2, 3 and 4:
Example 1: Gorya the formerly deceased Gruul tracker, raised as a slave by the Golgari – viashino (level adjust 1) gestalt level 1 ranger/rogue with zombie template (level adjust 1).
Example 2: Yogor the beastly troll barbarian – gestalt level 2 barbarian/troll with a level adjustment of 1 for the feral template.
Example 3: Mishta the House Dimir operative – shapeshifter (level adjust 1) gestalt level 2 wizard/rogue.

Step 1: Race and Class

Step 2: Abilities and Colours

Step 3: Colour Feats

Character Creation

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