Welcome to Ravnica!

Overview of the Setting

In a nutshell, the Plane of Ravnica is all one big city-planet, with technology replaced by magic. I like to imagine it as similar to Coruscant in Star Wars, but the skyscrapers are massive stone constructions and the lanes of aerial traffic are made up of winged beasts such as griffins, dragons and weirder creations.

Ravnica is largely defined by the ten ruling guilds, governed by a magically binding peace called the Guildpact. Certain areas of Ravnica are abandoned by the guilds, and here dwell the guildless who must fend for themselves as best they can.

Further information on the setting will be built upon here.

What Kind of a Game Will This Be?

The Source Material

For inspiration, here is a link to images of all the Ravnica and Return to Ravnica cards printed:

The Sights of the City of Guilds

Welcome to Ravnica!

Glory to the Guildless Orcangel